Apple Park insights

Apple Park insights: An amazing interior Architecture.

Apple confirms that its employees will move to the new headquarter Apple Park, which is cited in Cupertino, California in the month of April 2017. The 175 Acre campus is the dream of the founder Steve Jobs and he also conveyed that the new headquarters of Apple will be the “Best Office Building in the world, and acts as the center of creativity & collaboration”.


The idea of constructing Apple Park was initiated by the former CEO Steve Jobs and perfectly designed by the Lord Norman Foster. Jobs spend most of the last life on this Apple Park before he died in 2011. The project was scheduled to get grounded in 2013 and set to its function in the year 2015, but it delayed due to some reasons and the project started by 2014. Now, as per the new deadline fixed by the management, the building opens for employees from April 2017.

Apple Park insights: An amazing interior Architecture.

Apple Park – An Amazing Architectural work

The 2.8 million sq feet building was under construction for about 5 years, the total cost of the Apple Park is about $5 billion. The ring shaped campus was named as Apple Park on February 2017 and it contains a 1000 seat auditorium named as the Steve Jobs Theater.

Though, the appearance of the Apple Park advertised as the “Perfect Circle” with the circumference of 1mile and 461 meters of diameter that matches with the appearances of Alien UFO and Pentagon structure, the structure was not planned is such manner. The new headquarter of Apple has supreme interior designs, the inner rim and outer rim on the floors of the building left wide open where the commuters can make use of those as walkways. The Apple Park has 8 buildings which are separated by 9 mini atria. The building is specifically designed in such a way that it doesn’t require an artificial air conditioning process for almost 9 months in a year.

Apple Park Interior

The most highlighting work of the circular headquarter of apple would be the interior work, for designing and construction material supply apple worked with around 19 constructions companies worldwide. Also, the woods which are used for interior designs for the entire building are harvested from the certain species of maple.

Facts about the Apple Park

About Apple Park: Some Official Update

  • The circular building can accumulate around 12,000 employees with separate houses for each employee.
  • The building as underground roads and parking slot.
  • The building has a 30 acre park in its inner part filled with fruit trees and winding pathways.
  • The land cost of 175 acre Apple Park is roughly estimated as $160 million.

Apple Park: Steve Jobs Theatre

  • The entire building works on 100% renewable energy and has rooftop solar plant capable of generating 17 megawatts.
  • Apple’s new headquarter has enhanced fitness center of 100,000 sq ft.
  • World’s largest building functions with natural ventilation.

Inspirational to other companies

The remarkable architectural work carried by the designers for constructing open environment office building Apple Park – The official headquarter of Apple Inc stands as the inspiration for many companies in terms of design principles and also enables its employees to create, collaborate and work together characterization.

Latest iPhone 8 news, leak images and configuration rumors.

Latest iPhone 8 news, leak images and configuration rumors.

Latest iPhone 8 NEWS: Samsung officially unveiled its latest flagship phone on 29th March 2017 and the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be available in the market from 21st April 2017. Now, the tech lovers shifted their focus to Apple iPhone 8. Though Apple Inc. remained tight lipped about latest developments, several reliable websites published iPhone 8 leak images. This year marks the 10th anniversary of iPhone release and the company wanted to come up with something big. Note that most of these gossips are collected from reliable sources and here is the sum up of all the latest iPhone 8 news.

iPhone 8 configuration rumors

Latest iPhone 8 news, leak images and configuration rumors:

Design and Display: If the rumors are to be believed, Apple will say goodbye to LCD displays and design the upcoming iPhone with OLED displays. Apple is also planning for major design upgrade by reducing the upper and lower bezels. The company is also planning to embed finger print sensor under the screen so that the hardware home button can be eliminated completely. If some rumors are to be believed, Apple will also introduce curved displays to increase “visible area”.

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New Features: Several smart phones are available in the market with fast charging option and for the first time, Apple will include this feature in iPhone 8. Along with fast charging, iPhone may also support wireless charging as per the latest iPhone news. Based on some of the latest Apple patents, smart phone lovers are hoping that Apple may include facial recognition in its upcoming iPhone. Though the option looks not feasible as of now, some insiders reported that they are working on AR and VR to create augmented reality maps.

iPhone 8 leak images

iPhone 8 Specs: Based on iPhone 8 configuration rumors, the new iPhone 8 (5.15in, 5.8in) will have resolutions of 2,436 x 1,125 and 2,800 x 1,242 respectively. iPhone 8 will be equipped with 3GB RAM and is available in 64GB and 256GB configurations. With the new iPhone, users will be able to capture “Super Resolution” photos because of rear dual camera setup and 8MP front camera. iPhone 8 will be powered by A11 SoC and it will be the fastest iPhone released till now.

Price and Release Date: Based on the previous experiences, Apple might slash the price of previous generation iPhone before releasing the new one into market. Considering all the latest features embedded in the device, iPhone 8 price will be more than anticipated and some are even hoping that the upcoming iPhone 8 with maximum storage option may cross even $1000 barrier. If the latest iPhone 8 news is to be believed, Apple may launch its new flagship phone in September 2017.

latest iPhone 8 NEWS

Please note that most of these details are collected from reliable sources and Apple Inc. won’t make any official announcement before iPhone 8 release. But most of these features will surely present in iPhone 8 and start saving now to buy the new iPhone.