Best Messaging App 2017: Facebook Messenger vs iMessage vs WhatsApp.

Best Messaging App 2017: Facebook Messenger vs iMessage vs WhatsApp.

Often users stuck on picking the best from the top three messaging app Facebook Messenger vs iMessage vs WhatsApp. Here in this article the features of these three Best Messaging App 2017 discussed briefly and compared.

Facebook Messenger:

One among the popular and vital messenger app while listing Best Messaging App 2017, it is commonly used by the users all over the world. The features of sharing reactions and mentions are available with custom option of switching on and off in recent update.

Facebook Messenger vs iMessage vs WhatsApp


  • Offers end-to-end encryption text transmission
  • Offers more secured data transfer along with native camera effects
  • Offers group video chat, games and so.


It is the new message framework comes with the iOS 10, it allows users to interact directly with their buddies through sending messages at ease, along with various features like sharing stickers, playing games, payment options, phone editor and more. Like Facebook you can download iMessage for PC also, but


  • Allows to sync contacts from Android
  • iMessage app works with Mac to send and receive text messages

Facebook Messenger vs iMessage vs WhatsApp


It’s a popular free messaging app for Android and other Smart phones that allows billions of people to interact each other from all over the world.  It is one of the simple and light weighted messaging applications in the market works without any hassles.

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  • Allows free phone calls apart from allowing users to share multimedia files
  • No registration required, just a mobile number enough and it identifies you

Facebook Messenger vs iMessage vs WhatsApp

When it comes to comparison of those three top messaging apps (Facebook Messenger vs iMessage vs WhatsApp), the factors personalization, Utilization, Usability and Safety determine the Best Messaging App 2017.

Personalization: it deals with the application extensions. As the WhatsApp is limited when it comes to extending its message personalization since they are limited, also the usage of emoji and stickers are not directly built, it’s simple designed to make use of the phone settings. Meanwhile, Facebook messengers and iMessage app has an array of new features and they extends their app feasibility of implementing new personalization like emojis, emotions, stickers, Gifts and so.

Facebook Messenger vs iMessage vs WhatsApp

Utilization: deals with the platform usages, under this Facebook out stands other two. As iMessage app gets out of the contest because of its inability of cross-platform usage other than iOS and Mac OS, only WhatsApp competes Facebook. However, WhatsApp fails to Facebook, as it not designed on an ad-based platform where else Facebook has a wide variety of scopes other having basic messaging features.

Usability and Safety: is the vital thing when it comes to messaging service. Though, these three messaging apps offer a secure mode of text transmission, the convenience factor plays a hard role over WhatsApp and iMessage when compared with the web browser accessing of Facebook. Since, WhatsApp and iMessage uses mobile number as verification, it’s hard for the users to re-verify when they intended to switch quite often.


Overall, Facebook messenger wins the competition among Facebook Messenger vs iMessage vs WhatsApp. If you like to share your opinion fell free to discuss in the comment box below.

Best Android Emulators for Mac 2017

Top 5 Best Android Emulators for Mac 2017.

Android Emulators provides the platform for the users to get access to the android apps from their computers. For developers and game lovers, android emulator offers the advantage of working on a big screen. In fact, the Best Android Emulators for Mac 2017 gives the benefits of performing rooting operations and also gives the opportunity for the Mac OS users to work with root required android apps.

Using the Best Android Emulators for Mac 2017 would offer several advantages to the Mac users. However, users don’t need to spend any penny for acquiring the best free Android emulators for Mac, these days are lots of free android emulators are available where users can pick the one which suits them best.

Here are the lists of Top 5 best Android Emulators for Mac users:

best free Android emulators for Mac

BlueStack: one of the most popular and well known Best Android Emulators for Mac 2017 and also for windows users. With its easiness in installation and more features, bluestacks satisfies the needs of any commercial users. The built-in play store feature gives the users advantage of downloading the apps directly at ease.

Andy: If you are a gamer then availing this one of the Top 5 Android Emulators for Mac at free would be the apt solution. Though, the Andy Android emulators had some issues while installation process it is now fixed by the developers and act as the best replacement for the bluestacks android emulators. It gives the real experience of playing android games, launchers, productivity apps and even allows its users to install root access.

Droid4x: Droid4x the fastest loading free android emulators for Mac users that specially designed to handle the heavy gaming sessions. This emulators can able to run the ARM applications which are mostly not acceptable by many android emulators. Easy installation and the advantage for users to engage with heavy and long gaming features makes it as the best free Android emulators for Mac users in terms of gaming operations.

best free Android emulators for Mac

Genymotion: When it comes to the list of Best Android Emulators for Mac 2017, Genymotion can’t be out listed. Genymotion gives the environment of all the android versions and the android emulator is mainly focused for the app developers for android devices. With features of Mac OS integrations, unlimited app installing, using web cameras as emulators’ camera and so, the genymotion is considered as the best platform for the app developers. In fact, developers can make use of the Genymotion Java API features for testing their own apps.

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Nox App Player: It is pretty similar to the bluestacks. And the Nox App Player is the simplest android emulators for Windows PC and as well as for Mac users. The features and application possibilities give the handy solution for gamers and also for users to perform multitasking operations as ease.

You will surely love the list of Android emulator available for MAC operating system. Now enjoy playing Android applications in your Apple device with these best Android Emulators for Mac 2017