How to fix iPhone stuck in Apple logo

How to fix iPhone stuck in Apple logo | iPhone 5/5s/6/6s/7 won’t turn off.

Lot of iOS users may experience the iPhone get stuck while loading apple logo, in fact, according to the search engine’s report how to fix iPhone stuck in Apple logo? Stands first while analyzing the search terms related to the problem facing in iPhone 5/5s/6/6s/7. If you are one among those victims and seeking a better solution to fix iPhone stuck in Apple logo, then this article would be the useful resource to find the best and apt solutions.

Whenever you experience your iPhone stuck on white apple screen and or iPhone stuck on apple logo won’t turn off don’t get panic. It’s not at all a typical task; in fact, it can be fixed without any difficulties. In literal, it could be the main cause of the ill-functioning software. Below listed any of the 4 solutions could easily help you to fix iPhone stuck in Apple logo.

Restarting Your iPhone

How to fix iPhone stuck in Apple logo

Well, it might be the simplest and easiest method to resolve that problem. All you need to do is to simply hold the ON/OFF button for few seconds and to slide to power off option in the screen. On most occasions, it will resolve your iPhone logo struck a problem.

Using Recovery Mode

By using iTunes users can able to make use of Recovery mode to fix iPhone stuck in Apple logo. In fact, by doing to so, users can able to do a factory reset and to get the latest iOS version. When compared with the normal restart option, using recovery mode will do the wonder more often.

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Using DFU Mode

Well, the term DFU refers (Device Firmware Update) which helps your device to communicate with the iTunes without initiating the boot loader functions.

Steps Involved in DFU mode to resolve the problem of your iPhone stuck on white apple screen and or iPhone stuck on apple logo won’t turn off:

  • Launch iTunes and connect your phone with a computer, followed that turns off your phone and hold the power button for a few seconds.
  • Now restart your phone by pressing the home button for a few seconds along with the power button for around 10 to 12 seconds and leave the power button. (Note: For iPhone 7/7 plus instead of home button make use of the volume down button).

iPhone stuck on apple logo won't turn off

  • Now your screen supposed to remain black else you need to repeat the above mentioned steps again.
  • After that you can witness the pop-up window which promotes you with the option of restoring your device or to do factory settings.

Using Tenorshare Reiboot

Well the tool Tenorshare Reiboot is specially designed to fix all the iOS issues which also include solutions for iPhone stuck on white apple screen and or iPhone stuck on apple logo won’t turn off. All you need to do follow the below listed simple steps.

  • Download the Tenorshare Reiboot and connect your iPhone
  • Followed by selecting the exit recovery mode that helps you to solve most of the problems you are facing on your mobile.

I hope above mentioned points will help to fix your iPhone related issues. Let me know for any queries.

Best Messaging App 2017: Facebook Messenger vs iMessage vs WhatsApp.

Best Messaging App 2017: Facebook Messenger vs iMessage vs WhatsApp.

Often users stuck on picking the best from the top three messaging app Facebook Messenger vs iMessage vs WhatsApp. Here in this article the features of these three Best Messaging App 2017 discussed briefly and compared.

Facebook Messenger:

One among the popular and vital messenger app while listing Best Messaging App 2017, it is commonly used by the users all over the world. The features of sharing reactions and mentions are available with custom option of switching on and off in recent update.

Facebook Messenger vs iMessage vs WhatsApp


  • Offers end-to-end encryption text transmission
  • Offers more secured data transfer along with native camera effects
  • Offers group video chat, games and so.


It is the new message framework comes with the iOS 10, it allows users to interact directly with their buddies through sending messages at ease, along with various features like sharing stickers, playing games, payment options, phone editor and more. Like Facebook you can download iMessage for PC also, but


  • Allows to sync contacts from Android
  • iMessage app works with Mac to send and receive text messages

Facebook Messenger vs iMessage vs WhatsApp


It’s a popular free messaging app for Android and other Smart phones that allows billions of people to interact each other from all over the world.  It is one of the simple and light weighted messaging applications in the market works without any hassles.

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  • Allows free phone calls apart from allowing users to share multimedia files
  • No registration required, just a mobile number enough and it identifies you

Facebook Messenger vs iMessage vs WhatsApp

When it comes to comparison of those three top messaging apps (Facebook Messenger vs iMessage vs WhatsApp), the factors personalization, Utilization, Usability and Safety determine the Best Messaging App 2017.

Personalization: it deals with the application extensions. As the WhatsApp is limited when it comes to extending its message personalization since they are limited, also the usage of emoji and stickers are not directly built, it’s simple designed to make use of the phone settings. Meanwhile, Facebook messengers and iMessage app has an array of new features and they extends their app feasibility of implementing new personalization like emojis, emotions, stickers, Gifts and so.

Facebook Messenger vs iMessage vs WhatsApp

Utilization: deals with the platform usages, under this Facebook out stands other two. As iMessage app gets out of the contest because of its inability of cross-platform usage other than iOS and Mac OS, only WhatsApp competes Facebook. However, WhatsApp fails to Facebook, as it not designed on an ad-based platform where else Facebook has a wide variety of scopes other having basic messaging features.

Usability and Safety: is the vital thing when it comes to messaging service. Though, these three messaging apps offer a secure mode of text transmission, the convenience factor plays a hard role over WhatsApp and iMessage when compared with the web browser accessing of Facebook. Since, WhatsApp and iMessage uses mobile number as verification, it’s hard for the users to re-verify when they intended to switch quite often.


Overall, Facebook messenger wins the competition among Facebook Messenger vs iMessage vs WhatsApp. If you like to share your opinion fell free to discuss in the comment box below.

fix a broken iPhone charger cord

How to fix a broken iPhone charger cord | iPhone 5/5s/6/6s/7.

Apple iPhone and iPad devices come with non-removable batteries but this is not a problem considering the fact that batteries in those devices last really long. But many die-hard Apple Inc. fans complain that iPhone and iPad chargers aren’t so good in terms of build quality. Constant plugging and unplugging, twisting, bending, travel damage etc. decrease the life of charger cords considerably and sometimes, these charging cords damage quickly than expected. It is always better to fix a broken iPhone charger cord than buying an expensive charger cable from the Apple store.

How to fix a broken iPhone charger cord | iPhone 5/5s/6/6s/7.

Frankly, it is really easy to fix an iPhone charging cord that won’t charge and those who don’t have any prior experience can also easily do it. But first one needs to check whether the problem lies with charging cord or within the iPhone or iPad. If the problem lies within the iPad or iPhone, then don’t mess up with iPhone/iPad charging cord. If your charging cord is not working or broke right at the base of the plug, follow these steps to fix a broken iPhone/iPad charger cord.

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How to fix a broken iPhone charger cord?

  • One needs to be very careful while repairing charging cord as a small error will turn it into garbage. You need a knife, scissor, heat shrink tube and electrical tape to fix a broken iPhone charger cord.
  • Use knife to separate the outer casing of the connecting plug. Be careful while doing so and don’t cut any copper wires or anything inside.
  • Cut the cord and you can see small copper wires wrapped in foil. For an inch or so, remove the foil and now, you will have fully exposed copper wires to work with.
  • This is the crucial step in fixing a broken iPhone charger cord that won’t charge. Slide the heat shrinking tube on to the charging cord and twist together the corresponding wires.

How to fix a broken iPhone charger cord | iPhone 5/5s/6/6s/7.

  • Wrap the electric tape on each and every pairing. After that, wrap the electric tube over the entire grouping and slide the heat shrink over the worked area.
  • Use butane lighter or something similar to shrink the tubing. Be careful and don’t heat the charger cord too much.
  • The repaired iPhone charging cord may not look as original but this repaired one works same as that of original iPhone/iPad charger.
  • You can use this method to repair iPhone 5/6/7 charging USB cable that is not working. Repair after seeing DIY tutorials only.

It is always better to fix a broken iPhone charger cord immediately after your observe any damage. Also, don’t misinterpret signs of wear and tear as damage.